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Experiential Education is learning through first-hand experience.  The world is its classroom. Experiential education engages learners intellectually, physically and emotionally. It fosters a new level of awareness and care for oneself, others and the greater environment.


EECO focuses on immersive youth education in awe-inspiring local ecosystems. Specializing in coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass, and forests, EECO believes that a love for the environment begins with firsthand encounters.

Through hands-on field trips, EECO introduces high schoolers to the wonders of nature. Students not only learn about the intricate balance of marine and terrestrial life but also design and lead their own conservation efforts.



As the world retreated under the impact of Covid-19, EECO realized the increased urgency of food security and social resilience. It was like the missing piece of our puzzle. What could further conservation more than sustainable food production in local communities?

We started growing a food forest and experimenting with permaculture. Permaculture, short for "permanent agriculture," is a way of living and farming sustainably, using nature as a guide.

As we rev up again after the Covid-19 world, permaculture will play an important role in our programs. Our high school students will join together to revive an ancient farmland on Siquijor, creating a food forest which helps feed their community.

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