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Resource Assessment

The coastal resources of the Philippines are in a state of emergency. Significant areas of reef, seagrass, and mangroves die every year from the impacts of coastal development, irresponsible tourism, over-harvesting, deforestation, agriculture, and improper solid waste disposal. To lobby for protection, environmentalists need data. Resource assessments (surveys which collect information about a coastal habitat’s health and species abundance, or lack thereof), are a pillar of the conservation movement.

EECO can conduct an in-depth coral survey, marine invertebrate survey, and fish visual census, as well as basic seagrass and mangrove assessments.

EECO can provide PADI SCUBA training and certifications for local resource managers.

EECO can also certify local survey teams as Reef Check EcoDivers, and can provide further training for in-depth coral, invertebrate, and fish identification.  

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